I am not just bisexual

I am a lesbian.

I am not just a lesbian

I am a bisexual lesbian.


Some say this is a contradiction

and I’m just trying to confuse terms.


these are confusing terms

but no more confusing

than trying to hide half the truth.


Some say I’m trying to make lesbians

less visible.

Not so.

I am trying to make myself

more visible.


I am a lesbian.

I love women.

I love woman kind.

I am woman-identified.

I study our hidden past.

I struggle in the present.

I work hard for our future.


I had had love for a woman

deeper than for any man.

I desire a woman

to be my partner in life.

I love women.

I am a lesbian.


I am bisexual.

I was born that way.

I have loved girls and boys.

I have loved women and men.

I have sought love

where it offered itself.

I have paid the price

of both lifestyles.


I have been bashed

for loving women

and isolated

for loving men.

You speak of privilege –

let me tell you:

the isolation

was much worse than the bashing.



Now I make choices.

Am I finding myself

or has society beaten me down?

Today I choose

to choose a woman.

I won’t be shut out from my community

that I’ve worked with

ever since Stonewall.

I won’t be told I don’t belong

in the only world

I’ve ever belonged in.

I love women

and I am a lesbian.


and too

I am bisexual

in my history

in my capacity

in my fantasies

in my abilities

in my love for beautiful people

regardless of gender.


I have the right

to claim my lesbianism

And my bisexuality

even if it confuses you.

I am a lesbian.

I am bisexual.

I am a bisexual lesbian.

Deal with it.



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