in answer to your question       
love is deeper
than all the contradictions
which confront us
-not just any love
but this love-
love is realer
than all the structures of society
built over millennia
through accident and intent
love is stronger
than the ignorance that surrounds us
love may not move mountains
but it can move us through them
love may not stop the runaway train
but it might whisper in our ears
to leave the track in time
or maybe love
so deep and real and strong
might be worth dying for
if it ever came to that
so, no, I will not let
small minds, to my left or my right
determine my course
I do not need
the stamp of approval
of any group
branded on my skin
there is nothing that could ever be
right or just or correct
about any stance or idea or belief
that interferes, condemns or belittles
a love
so deep and real and strong
as this


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