LGBT  Supermarket 

Rainbow rings

twenty-nine ninety five.

A lesbian cruise to Greece

if you have

three thousand dollars...

lie in the sun and tell yourself

you have arrived.

Are we a movement

            or a market?


If you’ve got the T-cells

we’ve got the beer

And let’s be sure to make it clear

to all the world

what good citizens we are,

what good soldiers,

good consumers,

We’ll respect the status quo

if they let us buy in.

Are we a movement

            or a market?



we bring lots of tourist dollars

to the city every year with our parade.

Food vendors wait at the end of each march

to cater to our thirsty throats

and rainbow dollars.

Where does the money go on our very own day?

Are we a movement

            or a market?


While gay youth still jump out of windows

and prisoners suffer torture for their love

and mothers lose their babies to grandmothers

and thousands keep dying of cancer and AIDS...

we celebrate how far we’ve come

with merchandise and yearly parades.


Look around.

Is this all we wanted?

Is this enough?

Time’s running out.

We must decide.

Are we a movement

or a market?



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