We claim our own:


Bessie Smith

Anais Nin


We claim our own:

Walt Whitman


Langston Hughes


Keep them in your archives


you’re welcome to them

as you are to us


I am bisexual

I am gay

I am lesbian


Count me in your history books

fighting side by side

for the right

to love a same-sex lover

and not be persecuted for it


Surely, swell the ranks

Elton John

Virginia Woolf

James Dean


Boast about

Vita Sackville-West


Djuna Barnes


Whisper rumors


the (often hidden) gay lives

of famous people

who have given to the world


But don’t then

turn around and tell me

I don’t belong here.


If you claim bisexual cannot mean gay,

then purge your history books

of so many names

that swell your breast with pride –

names of people who have also loved

both sexes.



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